How Do You Say Giraffe in Chinese?


On March 16th, a healthy baby Giraffe was born at the Shanghai Zoo, their second calf of 2011. Since she was born on a bright cloudless day, keepers named the calf "Sunny," making her the second baby at the zoo with an English name. Perhaps due to her particularly tall father, Sunny measured an impressive 194 cm when she stood up shortly after birth. The Chinese characters for Giraffe are 長頸鹿 and sounded out as "cháng jǐng lù," which translates to "long-necked deer." This is the first birth ZooBorns has shared from a Chinese zoo. 



Photo credits: Shanghai Zoo

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First Giraffe Birth for Cincinnati in 26 Years!


Tessa, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s four-year-old Maasai Giraffe gave birth to her first calf Saturday morning, April 2 at 9:40 a.m. in her indoor stall. This news is especially exciting considering that the last time the Zoo celebrated a Giraffe birth was nearly 26 years ago!  The Cincinnati Zoo’s history with Giraffe births actually dates back to 1889 when it became the first zoo in the Western Hemisphere to have a Giraffe born in captivity.


Photo credits: Cincinnati Zoo

NOTE: The video below contains fascinating but graphic footage of the actual birth.

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Giraffe Is First Birth at Houston Zoo's African Forest


The Houston Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a female Masai Giraffe, the first birth in The African Forest, the Zoo’s newest addition which opened on December 10, 2010.  Mom Tyra delivered the healthy female calf shortly after 5 p.m. on March 4 at the McGovern Giraffe Exhibit at The African Forest following a 14 month pregnancy. “The calf weighs 150 pounds and is 6 foot 6 inches tall. She’s a strong healthy baby,” said Houston Zoo Hoofed Stock Supervisor Laurie McGivern. This is 12 year old Tyra’s sixth calf.  Kiva, the father is 15 years old.  With this new arrival, the Houston Zoo’s herd of Masai giraffe has grown to 8, including 5 males and 3 females.


reciprocal giraffe kisses...


Photo credits: Stephanie Adams / Houston Zoo

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Santa Barbara's Surprise Giraffe!


Zookeepers at the Santa Barbara Zoo were somewhat surprised but certainly delighted to discover that one of the Zoo’s new Masai Giraffes, Audrey, had given birth to a male calf on Sunday morning, January 9. The calf, named Daniel by donors, was measured at 5-feet 9-inches tall and 106 pounds. He will not be on view to the public for several weeks until he learns to come in from the Giraffe yard to the barn for feedings by keepers. “Unbeknownst to us, Audrey arrived in Santa Barbara in March 2010 approximately five months pregnant,” notes Sheri Horiszny, Director of Animal Programs. “Nothing in her records indicated that Los Angeles Zoo keepers had ever seen their male showing interest in her or attempting to breed her.”



Photo credits: Sheri Horiszny / Santa Barbara Zoo

Baby Giraffe Drops 6 Feet into the World!


Planckendael Zoo in Antwerp rang in the New Year with bells and whistles with the birth of a baby giraffe. New mother Barbie is caring for her calf in the warm stable where visitors can admire them for now. The little calf was born yesterday at around 3 pm. First his two front legs dangled out en then his head followed. It all happened very fast. He fell almost six feet before hitting the ground! The actual birth lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. After 30 minutes the "little" guy was already trying to balance on his long legs. This is Barbie’s second calf. In early 2009 she gave birth to a daughter, Kianga. Beginning this spring, the newborn can be seen running around on the savannah with his 6 family members, as well as antelopes, impalas and the strange-looking helmet guinea fowl.


Planckendael-Giraffe-Calf5Photo credits: Eric Wynen / Planckendael Zoo

More [PHOTOS] below the fold...

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Dublin Zoo's Newest and Tallest Addition!

Yesterday, Dublin Zoo shared the first pictures of its newest arrival, a female Giraffe calf!  The calf, which measures nearly six feet tall, was born to mother Maeve on November 4th at 8.15pm and is yet to be named. This is the first calf born to mother Maeve since she arrived to Dublin Zoo from Fota Wildlife Park in 2009. Maeve successfully bred with bull giraffe Robin and after a 15 month gestation period the new calf was born.

Dublin Zoo Giraffe Calf 1

Dublin Zoo Giraffe Calf 2

Dublin Zoo Giraffe Calf 3

Dublin Zoo Giraffe Calf 4 Photo credits: Dublin Zoo

Double Dose of Giraffe Calf

Two different giraffe babies have been born at two different zoos in recent weeks. We've brought them together for a not-so-little rubbernecking opportunity!

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

A 1-month-old giraffe calf named Machaleo made his debut alongside his mother, Shani, at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Wednesday October 13th. The male calf is the 115th Uganda giraffe born at the Safari Park. In addition to the giraffe the Park is also home to a 3-month-old black rhinoceros and several antelope and gazelle that are being hand raised.

Photo Credits: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

St. Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo's newest addition, is just about a month old in these photos, and seems to love sunbathing. Born on September 10, 2010, he weighs about 136 pounds and stands over 6 feet tall. This is the seventh calf for Susie and Dexter, who has sired 13 calves altogether. Mother giraffes are very affectionate and protective toward their babies, touching and licking them frequently. Susie's gestation period was about 15 months.


Photo Credits: Ann Aurbach

The following is a short video of Desi...

Endangered Giraffes Born at Longleat

The latest species to be added to the "red list" of endangered animals has received a major boost after three baby Rothschild Giraffes have been born at Longleat Safari Park in August. All three Giraffe calves are doing well and can be seen enjoying their new surrounding within the East African Reserve. The first baby to be born has been named Kaiser, a male Rothschild Giraffe and the first to be born to dad, Doto, who was only introduced to the Longleat giraffe ladies in early summer 2009. This young chap measured in at a whopping six foot at birth and is already dwarfing many of his fellow residents in this popular Wiltshire attraction.



Photo Credits: Longleat Safari Park

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Double the Giraffage at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay guests got their first look at two new baby reticulated giraffes this week as the babies were introduced to the rest of the herd on the Serengeti Plain for the first time. The first was born on April 6 and was the fourth calf for mother Tesa. The second was born April 24, and is the first calf for mother Chloe. Both are males sired by father Sterling.


Photo Credits: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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Say Hello to Perth's Giraffe Calf

A 70kg giraffe calf that entered the world in spectacular fashion in full public view at Perth Zoo on the weekend made his public debut today – this time a little more dignified and on his feet, standing tall with mother Misha. Following the birth of the male calf at 1.30pm on Saturday in the giraffe exhibit, the youngster and his mother have been kept off display to give them some quiet time and make sure all is well with the calf.



Photo Credits: Perth Zoo

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