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Lemur Twins Look Awfully Surprised

Black-and-white ruffed lemurs may look like stuffed animals come to life, but they are actually important ambassadors for their critically endangered species, native to Madagascar. These wide-eyed twins were recently born at the Detroit Zoo and serve as a reminder to the desperate conservation needs of their wild relatives. Donations can be made to help protect these adorable little guys via the Lemur Conservation Foundation.

Caught in the act... of being lemurs!
Baby lemur detroit zoo1 rs

Baby lemur detroit zoo 3 rs

If this isn't a ready-made donation postcard for the Lemur Foundation, I don't know what is.
Baby lemur detroit zoo 2 rs

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Naked into the World: Amani the Baby Aardvark

As we have said in the past, cute is in the eye of the beholder. Newborn baby aardvarks may not be your typical bundle of furry joy, but keepers and mama aardvark, Raachael, at the Detroit Zoo are enamored with their most recent arrival, baby Amani, born Dec. 8th.

Baby Aardvark Amani Detroit Zoo Photo

Oversized ears and a long snout make aardvark's experts at seeking out and slurping up termites. However, their relatively primitive brains (for a mammal) make them rather clumsy so keepers are keeping a close eye on the new family.

Baby Aardvark Amani Detroit Zoo

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Happy Hallzooween!

While babies are our specialty, we just couldn't resist the Halloween Spirit, and hope you'll enjoy the furry (and-sometimes-not-so-furry!) festivities going on at zoos around the world this week...


Read on and see who else has a taste for pumpkin this year!

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