Three-month-old Giraffe Calf Thrives Following Unique Orthotic Leg Brace Treatment at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

SAN DIEGO (May 12, 2022) – A 3-month-old giraffe calf at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park has received a new lease on life, thanks to swift intervention by the conservation organization’s wildlife health and wildlife care teams to correct abnormalities that threatened the calf’s survival. The female youngster—named Msituni (pronounced see tune neee), which means “in the forest” in Swahili— received a pair of specialized giraffe-patterned orthotic braces that attached to her front legs to help correct a hyperextension of the carpi, bones that are equivalent to those in the human wrist. This disorder had caused the giraffe’s front legs to bend improperly, and made it difficult for her to stand and walk. Wildlife care staff said Msituni’s chances of survival would have been very low without the treatment provided by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance team in collaboration with orthotists from Hanger Clinic.


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Meet Luna the Masai Giraffe Calf at the Phoenix Zoo

Sunshine and Miguu's calf officially has a name — meet Luna! She was named Luna by the Hoofstock team due to the fact that she was born overnight and her mother’s name is Sunshine. Luna and her dam (mom) Sunshine will be on the Savanna most mornings with our other female giraffe, Imara. (Please Note: Due to construction on the Africa Trail expansion this may change.) Luna continues to stay close to her mom, but is showing more curiosity about her surroundings every day. Welcome, Luna to Phoenix Zoo’s Masai giraffe herd!



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Welcome Baby Giraffe!

MARCH 3, 2022 — An exceptional new birth has just taken place at the ZooParc de Beauval on February 28: a giraffe! He is a male, son of Baya and little brother of Kimia born on July 22, 2019. His father is Momo, the only adult male in the group.


The newborn is doing well. The veterinarians carried out his first auscultation about 24 hours after his birth, thus leaving time to create the mother-child bond. He already weighs 79 kg and is about 2 m tall. Full of life, the little one easily stands up to go and suckle his mother many times.


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Strong Name For A Strong Giraffe Girl

The giraffe calf at Zoo Vienna continues to develop well thanks to the intensive care of the animal care team. It explores its surroundings with interest and dashes through the giraffe park. The little one's main food is still Holstein cow's milk, but she also nibbles on hay and leaves that were frozen for the giraffes to feed in the winter. “Our giraffe girl has shown real willpower and perseverance over the past few weeks. The animal care team has thought a lot about what the little one could be called. In the end, the decision was made to use the name "Amari" - which means "the strong one" in the African language Yoruba," reports Eveline Dungl, the head of the zoological department responsible.



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Here Comes Sunshine’s Calf!

The Phoenix Zoo welcomed a baby girl Masai giraffe, born on Monday, February 7. This is the third calf for mother Sunshine, and the fourth calf sired by father Miguu. The nearly six-foot-tall, 150-pound baby is healthy and sticks extremely close to her mother in the giraffe barn. Sunshine is an incredibly protective mother and Zoo Officials anticipate them to stay off exhibit in their barn, bonding for at least the next few weeks. Sunshine is an eight-year-old Masai giraffe, and arrived to the Zoo in 2014 as recommended by the Masai Giraffe Species Survival Plan in order to breed with Phoenix’s nearly 13-year-old male Masai giraffe, Miguu (pronounced Mee-goo). Miguu came to Phoenix in 2010 from the Los Angeles Zoo.

Baby_10 (1)
Baby_10 (1)
Baby_10 (1)

Giraffe Baby UPDATE!

For a week now, the giraffe park in Schönbrunn Zoo has had one more resident, a little giraffe girl. Fleur, the young animal's mother, who is inexperienced in giving birth, is much more relaxed than at the beginning, but the nursing team is still very challenged. "We can observe interactions such as the young animal gently licking it, but Fleur does not nurse her offspring," explains Eveline Dungl, the responsible zoological department head. “We feed her, fortunately that works very well now. However, the young animal's condition is not yet completely stable.” When it comes to supplementary feeding, pasteurized Holstein cow's milk is used, which is obtained from an Austrian farmer from Laab im Walde. The composition is very close to that of giraffe's mother's milk. "The experienced giraffe female Carla also calms Fleur and the little one with her confident demeanor," says Dungl.

Body temperature and weight checks are carried out regularly. "In addition to standard examinations, attention must now be paid to whether the offspring tolerate the cow's milk," says Thomas Voracek, head of the veterinary practice at Schönbrunn Zoo. "At the moment, as a vet team, we see our main task as advising the keepers on the composition of the milk, the intervals between feedings and monitoring the developmental stages of the young animal." Peace and quiet is currently the priority for the animals and the care team - the giraffe park will therefore remain closed for the time being.

Care Team Supports First Time Giraffe Mom

A female giraffe calf was born in Schönbrunn Zoo on Sunday afternoon. Great concern quickly mixed with the joy: the first-time mother Fleur has been reluctant to let her offspring drink. “The birth went quickly and without complications, which is anything but a matter of course. Unfortunately, Fleur still keeps her young animal at a distance and only nurses it very irregularly," explains Eveline Dungl, the responsible zoological department head. “For Fleur it is the first offspring. Unfortunately, inexperienced mothers often find themselves overwhelmed with rearing in the wild. Unfortunately, especially with first-time mothers, there is never a guarantee that everything will go well from the start.”

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Meet Raymie, The Newborn ZooBorn Giraffe!

At 1:55 AM on Wednesday, January 19, Adia the Santa Barbara Zoo's Masai giraffe gave birth to a male calf, who was named Raymie by his Premier Foster Feeder sponsors, the McGraw Family. Raymie is 157.6 pounds and approximately 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

The calf’s legs were first observed around 11 PM Tuesday night, and Adia was in active labor for about three hours. The calf was standing 45 minutes after it was born, is nursing, and appears strong and healthy. This is Adia’s second calf and according to Dr. Julie Barnes, the Zoo’s VP of Animal Care & Health, she is "once again showing excellent maternal behavior." Adia's first calf, Twiga, is still part of the Zoo’s herd, but he will be starting his own herd at another zoo later this year.

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