WATCH: The Joyous Moment a Rare Rothschild’s Giraffe is Born at Chester Zoo

The world's tallest mammal has been born at Chester Zoo – with the special moment captured live on CCTV cameras.

The leggy newcomer arrived into the world to new mum Orla, with the joyous scene captured by the zoo’s CCTV cameras, at 11:30pm on Tuesday 12 March.

Footage shows the calf falling from a height of six feet onto a bed of soft straw following a 472 day pregnancy and a labour lasting more than three hours.

The youngster can then be seen stumbling to its feet and suckling from mum for the first time – all within just 30 minutes of being born.  

Zookeepers are yet to determine if the two-day old is male or female and have said the calf already weighs more than 70kg and stands at 6 foot tall – but will grow to be more than 18 foot tall and weigh 1,000kg.


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County Executive Adam Bello And Seneca Park Zoo Announce Birth Of Masai Giraffe

December 6, 2023 – County Executive Adam Bello and the Seneca Park Zoo today announced that Kipenzi, one of Seneca Park Zoo’s female Masai giraffes, gave birth to a calf early this morning. This is the third Masai giraffe born at Seneca Park Zoo, and is the offspring of Kipenzi and Parker, who died earlier this year. The gender of the calf is not yet known.

““This is outstanding news. Kipenzi is a remarkable giraffe and is a great mother,” said County Executive Bello. “I am proud and thankful for both the Animal Care team and the Zoo’s Veterinary Health team for their caring and diligent work this morning.”

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Endangered Reticulated giraffe Born at Zoo Overloon

Overloon, November 2, 2023 - A reticulated giraffe was born in ZooParc this week. It is the first giraffe ever born in the zoo in Overloon.

The reticulated giraffe is found in lightly vegetated savannas and grasslands south of the Sahara, including North Kenya, Somalia, and South Ethiopia. This species is threatened because its habitat is shrinking, primarily due to deforestation. Additionally, reticulated giraffes are hunted.

Giraffe 1

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Giraffe Birth Wows Onlookers

Many lucky guests and staff had a most amazing experience when a baby giraffe was born at Copenhagen Zoo on Friday September 8 at 12:25pm.

It's a highly experienced mother with seven successful births behind her, so officials felt confident in opening the barn and allowing curious guests to watch. Of course, there was always staff present to observe the animals' behavior and close the barn if they showed signs of stress - but it wasn't necessary at all! All maintained a respectful silence while excited children and adults had an experience of a lifetime.

Giraffe Undergoes Surgery at Zoo Miami

Yesterday, an 8-month-old male giraffe named, “Turtle,” underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right rear leg.  The fragment was most likely the result of a previous unknown trauma leading to pain in the joint and an abnormal gait.  Because the altered gait could lead to more severe issues resulting in a life-threatening situation, it was imperative that the bone fragment be surgically removed to relieve the pain and hopefully restore a normal gait.

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Long-Awaited Arrival of Reticulated Giraffe Calf Sparks Joy at Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield, Ill. — The approximately 15-month wait is over! The Chicago Zoological Society is excited to announce that Arnieta, a 16-year-old reticulated giraffe at Brookfield Zoo, gave birth to a female calf in the early morning hours of August 19. It will be a few weeks before the calf makes her public debut outdoors at Habitat Africa! The Savannah and she and Arnieta are reunited with other members of the giraffe herd. Staff anticipates the two will remain behind the scenes until early September to allow time for maternal bonding. This calf is the 60th giraffe born at the Zoo since 1940, and has had giraffes since it first opened in 1934.

DSC_1491-Arnetia Calf

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Joyful Arrival: Welcoming the Newest Masai Giraffe Calf at Franklin Park Zoo!

Franklin Park Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of a Masai giraffe calf.

Born on July 14, the male calf stands at 6 feet tall and weighs 184 pounds. Within an hour of his birth, the calf was standing and nursing from mom, Amari. The day after the birth, the Zoo’s veterinary team examined the newborn calf, which included bloodwork and a physical exam.

“He is a strong, healthy calf and appears bright and alert,” said Dr. Chris Bonar, Zoo New England Director of Animal Health. “As with any newborn, he will be closely monitored by his care team as he continues to grow and reach milestones.”

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It’s a boy! North Carolina Zoo Welcomes a Giraffe Calf

Asheboro, N.C. – May 24, 2023 -   The North Carolina Zoo is excited to announce a soaring addition to its family. The Zoo’s 13-year-old giraffe Leia gave birth to her calf—already about six feet tall—on Saturday, May 20. 

The 145-pound calf was born to parents Leia (cow) and Jack (bull). The first-time mom and her offspring are healthy and currently bonding behind the scenes. The Zoo has had 12 previous giraffe births, making this one lucky 13. 

The Zoo's animal care team will determine when mom and calf will join the herd—or tower (group of giraffes) on habitat and in public view. The public is encouraged to tune into the Zoo's social media channels for photos, updates, and information about how the calf will be named.


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Long-necked Bundle of Joy

Dallas Zoo’s thrilled to share that their giraffe herd has grown by one! Mom Chrystal and dad Tebogo welcomed a healthy, 131-pound baby GIRL on Sunday, March 19.

Both mom and baby are doing well. This sweet girl is very attached to mom and follows her everywhere. They’re giving them all the time they need to bond privately behind the scenes for now, but will let us know when this little lady is ready to go out on habitat!

Win a Chance to Name and Meet this Baby Giraffe!

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The Sacramento Zoo is asking the public to help NAME its baby giraffe. All proceeds from this naming contest and donation opportunity will go toward its campaign to build an amazing new, state-of-the-art zoological park (the first to be built in more than 30 years!)! All donations of $10 and more are entered for a chance to win a meet and greet with the new calf and her mother in the giraffe barn! And, of course, then there is the raffle to NAME the baby!

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