Giraffic Jam – Two Giraffe Calves In Two Days Born At Dubbo Zoo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has been delivered a tall order with two giraffe calves born into the breeding herd just one day apart early last week. The two new additions join 16- and 11week-old giraffe calves, Matata and Wayo, bringing the breeding herd size up to an incredible 13 individuals.

Wayo and Asmara look over to Niyah and newborn calf

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Endangered Giraffe Calf Born at Safari Park

Keepers at West Midland Safari Park are celebrating the birth of an incredibly cute, endangered giraffe calf.

The six-foot-tall baby boy was born in the Park’s new giraffe house, at 12:30am on 13 September 2022, to third-time mum, Arusha and dad Rufus.

After a gestation period of around 15 months, keepers have been eagerly awaiting the birth, but as the calf was born at night, the event was captured on CCTV.

WMSP Baby Giraffe 20-09-22 pic6

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Giraffe Born at Blank Park Zoo

DES MOINES, Iowa (September 9, 2022) – Blank Park Zoo is announcing the birth of a male giraffe calf born on Wednesday, September 7 at 4:29 a.m.

“Its always an exciting time at Blank Park Zoo when a giraffe is born,” said Anne Shimerdla, president and CEO.

Just 30 hours after birth, keepers and veterinary staff performed a neonatal exam and determined the calf’s height is five foot five inches and weight is 107 lbs. The calf’s mother, Zola, is six years-old and has lived at Blank Park Zoo since 2017. Jakobi, the father, is 17 years-old and has previously sired several calves.


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UPDATE: Asante The Giraffe Calf Settling In With His Tower

Milwaukee County Zoo Keepers share that Asante (Born August 4th) and mom, Ziggy, continue to bond and are now spending the night with the other females in the indoor habitat. During the day, Asante and his half-sister, Poppy, can often be seen romping together, studying the public, or napping. Asante, like other calves his age, is experimenting with solid food and eating a small amount of alfalfa, browse (leaves from trees and shrubs), and pelleted chow — although he’s still nursing quite a bit as well. Along with Poppy, he spends a lot of time following his older half-sister, Maya, his aunt, Rahna, and other female, Marlee, outside. And he continues to grow, standing tall at roughly 6’6” now!

Giraffe Asante 08-2022-0016831 E

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She’s Made Her Debut!

23GF - Copy

Yesterday, Zoo Miami’s newborn giraffe made her exhibit debut where she cautiously explored her new surroundings.  Her mom, Sabra, was attentive but allowed the calf to venture towards the other individuals in the herd and was greeted by curiosity, along with smells and licks from most of them.  The yet unnamed calf is nursing and appears to be doing well as she is now fully integrated into the herd of 9.  It is expected that she and her mother will now remain with the herd and be on exhibit with them moving forward.

11GF - Copy

Photos by Ron Magill

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57th Giraffe Born At Zoo Miami!


At approximately 6:30PM yesterday, Sabra, a nearly 12 year old giraffe, gave birth to a female calf.  This morning, Zoo Miami staff members were able to quickly separate mother and calf so that a neonatal exam could be performed.  Neonatal exams are part of a preventative medicine program directed by the zoo’s Animal Health Department in conjunction with the Animal Science Department.  These procedures allow the staff to perform close, hands-on examinations of the newborn to confirm the sex, get a weight, collect blood, inspect and clean the umbilicus, do general eye and ear exams, inject vitamins and insert an identification transponder in addition to an overall assessment of general body condition.  The calf stood over 5 feet tall and weighed approximately 120 pounds.

Photos by Ron Magill.


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WATCH: Giraffe Falls 6ft To The Ground As Its Mum Gives Birth At Chester Zoo

Cameras at Chester Zoo have captured the moment a rare giraffe arrives into the world.

The adorable newcomer, who was born falling more than two metres (6ft) onto a bed of soft straw, arrived to 14-year-old mum, Orla, on Saturday (6 August) at 2:57am – bringing an end to a 15 month-long (473 day) pregnancy.

Keepers have named the new male calf Stanley after Mount Stanley, the tallest mountain in Uganda in Africa, where the zoo’s conservationists are fighting to boost giraffe numbers.


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Meet Handsome Henry! Belfast Zoo Welcomes Endangered Giraffe Calf To The Herd

An endangered Rothschild’s giraffe was born at Belfast Zoo on Sunday 24 July 2022.

Proud mum, Casey, laboured for two hours and gave birth naturally at 2.30pm, inside the giraffe house, which was closed to the public to provide privacy for bonding. Zookeepers report that the male calf is doing well and that Casey is doing a great job. Casey is a second time mum, after giving birth to Ballyronan in May 2020.

Belfast Zoo baby giraffe photo by Keeper Nick 2

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Giraffe Calf Debuts And Zooms!

Abilene Zoo’s newest giraffe herd member has made her public debut. As of Monday July 11, baby can now be seen in the Giraffe Safari habitat. The Zoo will be increasing the herd members she interacts with little by little. For now you will see her with her Mom, Jamie, along with Punk and Kito.


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