Longleat Safari Park

Longleat Safari Park Wallaby All Wrapped Up

We are taking you back to earlier this Spring to visit this charming Wallaby from Longleat Safari Park in Wilthshire, England. This little one, called a joey, seems to have a good plan for staying warm in any season. If winter's settling in where you are, take his lead and bundle up!

IT- Baby Joey

Longleat has had a great record with births over the last few years with baby giraffe, camel and lion cubs to name but a few.

Camera Shy Wolf Gives Birth

Born in April of this year, Longleat Safari Park keepers were thrilled when Freda the wolf gave birth to a litter of five healthy pups. This is Freda's third litter but her first inside of the custom birthing den keepers created for her. Although this den was available for the first and second litters, it was not until keepers removed the small digital camera inside that Freda felt comfortable enough to use it.

Grey wolf pups longleat safari park 

Grey wolf cubs longleat safari park with mom 

Grey wolf cub face profile longleat safari park  

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