A Tiny New Addition at Hamilton Zoo

There's a tiny new addition at the Hamilton Zoo - a Pygmy Marmoset!

The baby was born to mom Picchu and dad Salvador. Both are providing attentive care to their newborn. Marmoset parents share the responsibility of looking after their young, and the zoo staff is glad to see Salvador helping out.

Photo Credit: Lisa Ridley

Pygmy Marmosets are the smallest Monkeys in the world, and one of the smallest Primates. They inhabit rain forests in the western Amazon Basin, which includes Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador. These Monkeys gnaw holes in tree trunks using specialized teeth, then lick up the flowing sap with their tongue. They also eat the insects that fly in to feed on the sap, as well as fruits and nectar.

Parents carry their babies on their backs. Babies vocalize early and often, and entire Marmoset troops use a complex system of calls to maintain contact when foraging or traveling. Marmoset troops are small, usually made up of a breeding pair and a few generations of offspring.

The current population of Pygmy Marmosets is widespread and not under serious threat. They are listed as a species of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. However, habitat loss and illegal capture for the pet trade could pose a threat in the future.




Tiny Twin Marmosets Born at Chester Zoo

1_World’s smallest monkey gives birth to tiny twins at Chester Zoo (53)

An Eastern Pygmy Marmoset, the world’s smallest species of monkey, has given birth to twins at Chester Zoo.

The tiny babies, weighing in at just 15 grams, will measure just five inches in length when fully grown.

Arriving to mum Audrey and dad Gumi, the mini-monkeys were born on July 25 but have only now grown to a size whereby they’re big enough to spot.

2_World’s smallest monkey gives birth to tiny twins at Chester Zoo (1)

3_World’s smallest monkey gives birth to tiny twins at Chester Zoo (50)

4_World’s smallest monkey gives birth to tiny twins at Chester Zoo (43)Photo Credits: Chester Zoo

Dr. Nick Davis, Deputy Curator of Mammals at the zoo, said, “Pygmy Marmosets actually have relatively large babies for their tiny size. An adult will only weigh up to around 150 grams and so each baby equates to around 10% of its body weight.”

Davis continued, “After giving the babies their regular feeds, mum Audrey, like all other female Eastern Pygmy Marmosets, steps aside while dad takes on the parental chores. The youngsters can therefore often be seen being carried by dad, Gumi, for long periods of time as mum takes a well-deserved break.”

Eastern Pygmy Marmosets (Cebuella pygmaea) are native to the rainforests of western Brazil, southeastern Colombia, eastern Ecuador and eastern Peru. They are generally found in evergreen and river edge forests and are known to be a gum-feeding specialist, or a “gummivore”.

The Pygmy Marmoset is the world’s smallest “true monkey”. They have a head-body length ranging from 117 to 152 millimeters (4.6 to 6.0 in), a tail of 172 to 229 millimeters (6.8 to 9.0 in), and the average adult body weighs in at just over 100 grams (3.5 oz.).

They are currently classified as “Least Concern” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. They are threatened by both habitat loss and from being captured for the pet trade.

More great photos below the fold! 

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World's Tiniest Monkey Species Born at Chester Zoo


A baby Eastern Pygmy Marmoset – the world’s smallest species of Monkey – was born January 3 at Chester Zoo.  

Photo Credit:  Chester Zoo

You can imagine how tiny these infants are – even fully grown, Pygmy Marmosets weigh only one-third of a pound and are about five inches long. The baby is so small that at two months old, it is only now large enough to be spotted by zoo guests.

The itty-bitty infant, who has yet to be named or sexed, is carried by its father Gumi.  The baby’s mother, Audrey, nurses her baby but performs no other parental care, which is typical for this species. 

Eastern Pygmy Marmosets may be the smallest of all Monkeys, but they’re not the quietest.  They emit loud squeaks and whistles, which can be heard throughout the rain forests where they live in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.  Marmosets are tree-dwellers and feed on insects, fruits, and tree sap.

These petite primates are threatened by habitat destruction and their capture for the pet trade. 

See more photos of the baby Marmoset below.

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Santa's Elves Aren't the Only 'Little' Arrivals at Belfast Zoo

(1)  Santa_s elves aren_t the only _little_ arrivals at Belfast Zoo, as two of the world_s smallest monkeys have been born!

Santa’s elves aren’t the only ‘little’ arrivals at Northern Ireland’s Belfast Zoo – twin Pygmy Marmosets, the world’s smallest monkey species, were born on November 14.

The twins are carried by their parents most of the time, but they’re becoming more adventurous by the day. 

(2)  The tiny twin pygmy marmosets were born on 14 November 2013.  They are carried by their parents but are becoming more adventurous and exploring their surroundings.
(3)  Pygmy marmosets are the smallest member of the primate family and adults only weigh between four and five ounces when fully grown!
(5)  You can see the pygmy marmosets in the gorilla house at Belfast Zoo.
(4)  You can support the care of Belfast Zoo_s pygmy marmosets by taking part in the animal adoption scheme.
Photo Credit:  Belfast Zoo

Pygmy Marmosets are one of the world’s smallest primates, with adults weighing four to five ounces (110-140g) when fully grown.  Native to South America’s upper Amazon basin, Pygmy Marmosets dwell in rain forests and feed primarily on tree gum.  Using specialized teeth, Marmosets gnaw on trees until sap is released, then lick up the sap.  They also feed on insects which are attracted to the sap, as well as fruits and nectar.

Little Rock Zoo Announces Little Monkey Twins


These twin Geoffroy's Marmosets were born November 21, 2011 on a very stormy night at the Little Rock Zoo. They were born to parents Becky and Santana.  In these photos they are riding on Santana (dad). Their sex remains unknown. Becky was very protective of them and was slow to let Santana carry them, but finally did.  They have an older brother, Carlos who was born in early 2010. He would like to help carry the babies, but so far has not been allowed.  They share and exhibit with a White Faced Saki family and 7 Green Iguanas.


Photo credit: Karen Caster, Primate Keeper at the Little Rock Zoo

Tiny Baby Marmoset Fits Nicely on Your Finger

Zoo photographer extraordinaire, In Cherl Kim, of Korea's Everland Zoo has once again delivered some outstanding marmoset photos. This baby marmoset monkey was photographed August 31st during a check-up. While their tiny size and inquisitive eyes make marmosets adorable, they also make them a frequent target for the illegal pet trade. Native to South and Central America, many species of marmoset are endangered thanks in part to this kind of poaching. So as cute as they are, remember they are meant to be admired from a distance!

Baby marmoset monkey everland zoo 1

Baby marmoset monkey everland zoo 1

Baby marmoset monkey everland zoo 1

Baby marmoset monkey everland zoo 1

Baby marmoset monkey everland zoo 1Photo credits: In Cherl Kim / Everland Zoo

Munching Baby Marmoset Makes Eyes at the Camera

Photographer and zoo visitor Wei snapped these shots of a precocious little baby Marmoset at Brisbane Australia's Alma Park Zoo. This little character is just over a month old but even adults stand only about 5 1/2 inches tall. The Common Marmoset is distributed throughout the Atlantic Coastal Forest in Northeast Brazil.



Photo Credits: Wei taken at Brisbane's Alma Park Zoo


Mogo's Marmoset

Meet Mogo Zoo's newest little marmoset. Ebe was raised by keepers after his mother died just five days after his birth. Keepers initially thought Ebe's odds of survival were low but hand raising by the Zoo's head primate keeper paid off and Ebe is thriving. The world's smallest monkey, pygmy marmosets like Ebe here, weigh only 20 grams as newborns - less than a human thumb.

Baby marmoset mogo zoo 1 rs1

Baby marmoset mogo zoo 2 rs

Baby marmoset mogo zoo 3 rs

Photo credits and copyright: Mogo Zoo

Baby Tamarin Monkeys in Belgium

Belgium's Antwerp Zoo recently welcomed Golden Headed Lion Tamarin twins. These little Brazilian monkeys are endangered in the wild and, while the population decline seems to have been stabilized thanks to conservation efforts in Brazil's União Biological Reserve, continued habitat destruction outside of the park makes the prospects of reintroduction beyond União bleak.

Baby golden marmosets antwerp zoo 1 rs

Baby golden marmosets antwerp zoo 1 rs2

Baby golden marmosets antwerp zoo 3 rsBaby marmoset or gremlin? You decide...