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This small female pygmy hippopotamus was born on November 11 at the Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine in France. She is the 3rd calf of Clafouti and Leah, a couple who had already had a male baby in 2012 and a female in 2015.

Named Quilla, the little calf is doing well and staying warm with her mother until spring arrives. She enjoys showers and long naps. She’s quickly putting on the pounds too, about 300 to 400 g per day, thanks to her mother's very rich milk.


Meanwhile, at Paradise Wildlife Park in England, the baby Pygmy Marmosets born July 24th this year have been given names. In a nod to the species’ status as the smallest living monkey, they were given suitably diminutive names. Introducing Pouco and Pequeno, named after two Portuguese words meaning little.

Dwarf Seahorses Born at Brookfield Zoo

Since mid-September, there has been a baby boom of dwarf seahorses born at Brookfield Zoo’s Living Coast. Nearly 30 seahorse fry (name for baby fish) have been born, including nine on November 14. One of the animal care specialists, who cares for them, was at the right place at the right time and was able to capture the amazing moment on his cell phone. The video can be seen on the zoo’s social media channels.

The dwarf seahorse is one of the smallest species of seahorse, measuring about a ¼ inch at birth and up to 2 inches when full grown. To provide the best chance of survivability, the seahorses born at Brookfield Zoo are being reared by staff behind the scenes. However, several adult seahorses can be seen in their habitat at the Living Coast.

The seahorse and its close relative, the sea dragon, are the only animals that have a true reversed pregnancy in which the male gives birth to the fry. A female seahorse transfers her eggs to the male, where they are fertilized in his brood pouch. There, the developing seahorses are provided oxygen, nourishment and protection. When he is ready to give birth, the male opens his brood pouch and makes contractions to push out the babies. Once born, the adults have nothing to do with their offspring—the newborn seahorses are independent and fend for themselves.

According to International Union for Conservation of Nature, the dwarf seahorse population is declining due to habitat loss, pollution, residential and commercial development, and human activities.

Video credit: Mike Masellis

Baby Red Pandas Get Names

The two red pandas recently born at The Netherlands’ Amersfoort Zoo have been given names: “The female is called 'Suki' and the male is called 'Hikaru'. “Suki” means “love”, “Hikaru” means “brilliant”, says animal caretaker Saskia van Soest. “The animals were born in July, but sexing, and therefore also naming, takes place when the young are a bit older. The pandas are doing very well and they are exploring their enclosure to the fullest.”


Red pandas are native to the Himalayas in Southeast Asia.

“We are very happy with the young pandas, because this species is not doing well in the wild. With their fluffy fur and dark brown eyes, they have a great appeal to people and are very popular as pets. Many people therefore bring a panda into their home,” explains Saskia. Also, due to poaching and felling, only 10,000 red pandas are left in the wild. The Amersfoort Zoo Wildlife Fund therefore supports the Red Panda Network, which trains the local population to become forest rangers. These 'forest police' keep control of the panda's habitat.

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Orphaned Puggle Hand-raised At Taronga Wildlife Hospital

A tiny, short-beaked echidna puggle found alone and abandoned on a property in Weja, New South Wales, Australia, is being hand-raised at Sydney’s Taronga Wildlife Hospital.

Taronga Veterinary Nurse Liz McConnell has become the puggle’s dedicated surrogate mum. She takes the little echidna home at night and to work each morning in a makeshift burrow, fashioned from a climate-controlled esky. 

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Critically Endangered Amur Leopard Cub Makes Her Debut At Santa Barbara Zoo

This is the first Amur leopard born at the Zoo in over 20 years

(August 11, 2020) Santa Barbara, CA -- On August 6th at 4:05 am, the Santa Barbara Zoo’s Amur leopard, Ajax, gave birth to her first cub. The cub is a female and has been given the name Marta. The cub weighed in at 517 gms (1.1 lbs) at its first medical examination on August 6.


Ajax and the new cub have remained in their den behind the scenes during their critical bonding period and were not visible to the public for sever months. Once mom and cub bonded and the cub received a clean bill of health, Ajax and the cub began rotating with the father, Kasha, in having access to their exhibit habitat. In the wild, males and females usually do not remain together after breeding occurs, so this separation is important for the safety of Ajax and the cub.

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First Healthy Armadillo Pup Born At Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

TACOMA, Wash.-- Southern three-banded armadillos Vespa and Scooter welcomed a female pup into the world in late October, making them both first-time parents. The pup is the first healthy armadillo pup born at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in its 116-year history.


“She is healthy and the perfect little replica of her parents,” said the zoo’s head veterinarian Dr. Karen Wolf. 

“We’re thrilled to welcome this pup into our animal family,” added assistant curator Maureen O’Keefe.

Keepers monitored mom Vespa’s behavior around the clock leading up to the birth.

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Big Celebration For The Orangutans At Prague Zoo

On Saturday, November 13, Prague Zoo’s baby orangutan Kawi celebrated his first birthday. Keepers treated him and the other orangutans to special birthday enrichment.

"He is among our most popular animal personalities," said Prague Zoo Director Miroslav Bobek. “Kawi was born last November 17th."


The Sumatran orangutans got a birthday surprise from keepers. Throughout the day, visitors received a lot of interesting information about the lives of apes at the Prague Zoo and about orangutans in Sumatra. Winners of an art competition for the best portraits the birthday boy were also announced.

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‘Loser-In-Love’ Monkey Maarten Turns Luck Around To Welcome Fifth Baby

Drusillas Zoo Park near Alfriston are thrilled to announce the safe and healthy arrival of a new baby colobus monkey, and they are asking for help to name the gorgeous youngster!


The precious youngster was born on 13th October, to mum Adaeze and dad Maarten, and Keepers at the Zoo are delighted with how the adorable babe is thriving so far. 

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